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Mr. Lac Hung Director

I started the industrial laundry business from 1993 as a sales engineer in term of consult, sales and operating instructor for customers. During years of work, I constantly learn from colleagues and participate in local and international training, especially training with experts from foreign manufacturers as well as develop myself in term of increasing technical knowledge.

For over 18 years of operation so far, I have led my team to achieve specific results, overcome the difficulties, challenges and obstacles. Currently I have with me a team consisting of professional and reliable sales engineers and experienced technicians.

My current mission is clear and easy to follow To become the reliable and credible industrial laundry company who supplies not only laundry consultancy but also equipment with the key drive of after-sales service”.

My commitment to client:

  • Propose consultancy and quotation basing on how to help investor to combine cost savings of the outright purchase of the machines with cost savings in utilities and with efficient laundry service operation
  • Keep relationships long lasting and closely with clients through local and international after-sales service by knowledgeable and year-of-experienced technical team.
  • Maintain the position gained in the market and constantly strive to become the supplier of genuine accessories and spare parts to customers upon request.