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Khôi Nguyên Laundry (Nha Trang)2015-10-19


KHOI NGUYEN COMPANY was established on 09/02/2007 with two connected functional areas: manufacturing and offices, which cover an area of 3.000 square meters. Over 10 years of development, KHOI NGUYEN has confirmed its position in the industrial laundry market with the corporate slogan "Quality - Price match - Efficiency".

VUONG LUC is the important partner that has been contributing to the achievement of KHOI NGUYEN Company by supplying international standard laundry equipment from famous brands such as GIRBAU, PONY. With the right investment strategy on the number of washers, dryers, and ironer machines, KHOI NGUYEN always ensures a capacity of 18 tons/day which completely fulfills the current laundry requirements in the areas.

Recently, KHOI NGUYEN is providing laundry services for a lot of resorts and luxury hotels.

  • Resorts: Ana Mandara, An Lam…
  • Hotels: InterContinental Nha Trang, Sunrise, Liberty Nha Trang…

Since the establishment, KHOI NGUYEN expressed their trust and decided to sign important contracts with VUONG LUC to have professional services of designing, consulting as well as providing industrial laundry equipment. All of the advanced technology machines are imported by VUONG LUC that have international quality standard, and significantly save operation resources.

Along with the continuous growth of tourism services in Nha Trang City, KHOI NGUYEN Company is the first mover in this field by investing and expanding their business to ensure and improve the quality, quantity, and performance of laundry services. VUONG LUC is proud to cooperate with KHOI NGUYEN Company from the very first projects. The fact is that, KHOI NGUYEN Company always shows its trust to VUONG LUC’s equipment and after sales services. And thus, Vuong Luc is the first choice to provide more laundry equipment as well as further consultant services on each stage of the company’s development.

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Khôi Nguyên Laundry (Nha Trang)

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