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Viet Laundry2011-10-15

We had done the GIRBAU Batch Washer system with capacity of 25 ton/day for Viet Laundry - the premium dry cleaning and laundry service in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

September 2011, Vuong Luc Ltd. had completed the installation of the tunnel bath washer for Viet Laundry with a total investment of 3.5 million EURO.

The fully equipped plant is aimed to provide professional industrial laundry and dry cleaning services for hotels, resorts, restaurants, serviced apartments, bridal shop, spa, etc. Additionally, commercial and household fabricate needs will be satisfied by the capacity of 25 tons for laundry per day in the first phase. Viet Laundry’s business point of view - “Customer care is our priority at Viet Laundry. We take pride in customer satisfaction by providing professional quality laundry and dry cleaning services while making the drop-off and pick-up (or delivery) for customer pleasant and speedy.”


The professional and modern laundry plant of Viet Laundry will mark the first time in Vietnam for the state-of-the-art commercial laundry system (tunnel bath washer) from the GIRBAU S.A – leader of laundry equipment manufacturing industry. Moreover, the tunnel bath washer is operated by proprietary software developed by GIRBAU which aims to control and manage automatic cleaning programs in order to be suitable for all of fabric types.

Viet LaundryAccording to Mrs. Mercè GIRBAU, GIRBAU chairman, the tunnel bath washer is made with advanced material components that help reduce attrition, and help save costs, manpower, energy saving, efficiently reducing waste emissions and environmental friendly.




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Viet Laundry

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