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Máy Giặt Vắt Girbau Tốc Độ Cao HS Series

  • Model : HS Series Soft-mount High-speed
  • Capacity : 9 ÷ 122 kg
  • Ø Drum : 536 ÷ 1310 mm
  • P Net weight : 124 ÷ 4305 kg
  • Height H : 1080 - 2256 mm
  • Width L : 685 ÷ 1838 mm
  • Depth P : 700 ÷ 2058 mm
  • Washing speed : 50 ÷ 17 r.p.m
  • G-force : 283 ÷ 387

To provide their clients with washers with the best washability and offer proprietors the best quality wash, profitability, productivity and a simple and easy form of management. This has been the leitmotif which has led Girbau to develop the 6 series. The HS 6 series washer extractors are high speed and 100% Free Standing, do not require bolting down and reach spin speeds up to 1000 rpm.

They are available in the following capacities (ratio 1/9): 9kg (HS-6008), 14kg (HS-6013), 19kg (HS-6017), 25kg (HS-6023), 44kg (HS-6040), 63kg (HS-6057), 122kg (HS-6110)


The aesthetic design of the 6 Series washers is not satisfied with simply making your environment more pleasant. During the design, ergonomic and safety criteria have been considered. For example, the rounded corners avoid injuring operators, who may bump into the washer accidentally, and make the machine easier to clean.

In the HS-6057 and HS-6110 models, an optional tilting system (TILT system) enables you to load and unload it very easily. The TILT system is not only very efficient, but also requires very little maintenance and does not take up additional space.

HS 6 Series incorporates:

-MDS (Multidirectional springs): Allows spin cycle speeds greater than 350G in a silent and very stable way.

-GDRIVE: Electronic system that allows optimal treatment for each type of fabric.

-AQUAFALL:  Holes in the drum shovels allow additional water to enter like a waterfall – increasing cleaning action and reducing rinse cycle time.

-AQUAMIXER:  Hot and cold water mixer that allows obtaining very precise bath temperatures.

-JUST IN-LOAD: Allows to automatically calculate the quantity of water and the dosing time required to achieve the suitable chemical product concentration, according to the selected program and the weight of the load.

-EASY LOAD: System to help loading and unloading operations of high-capacity washing machines. This option is applicable to HS-6057 and HS-6110 models.

-Wet Cleaning Ready: HS-6013, HS-6017 and HS-6023 models with Inteli control display this distinctive logo.
Inteli control allows these washing machines to perform from intensive washing processes to extremely delicate processes to wash delicate linen such as wool.

Controls for coin-operated, OPL and professional processes

The HS 6 series is available with three control versions that allow you to respond to any washing need.

COIN: HS-6008 – HS-6013 – HS-6017 – HS-6023

For coin-op establishments. It has 4 individually modifiable programs. Pay system with coins or tokens. The clock option allows you to program prices according to the time of day and program.

LOGI: HS-6008 – HS-6013 – HS-6017 – HS-6023

For OPL. It has 8 individually modifiable programs. The clock option allows you to program the desired start time. It has a crease-guard mode, selectable gradual cool-down and failure check and message alarm system.

INTELI: HS-6013 – HS-6017 – HS-6023 – HS-6040 – HS-6057 – HS-6110

It allows infinite programming possibilities (20 standard programs and 79 free). It’s the ideal control for professional processes, including Wet Cleaning, Goretex, etc. The Inteli control allows you to save programs on a memory card and copy them onto other washing machines. The icons developed by Girbau make programming fast and easy.

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