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Máy Feeding Girbau

  • Model : DRF-LITE, FL-LITE, DRM
  • Trọng lượng : 550 ÷ 2500 kg
  • Khí nén : 6 bar
  • Độ ồn : 72 ÷ 83 dBA
  • Chiều dài : 4010 ÷ 4800 mm
  • Chiều cao H : 1301 ÷ 2800 mm
  • Chiều sâu P : 1250 ÷ 4017 mm
  • Chiều dài roller : 3000 ÷ 4795 mm (kèm bàn)
  • Áp lực lên sàn : 20 ÷ 72 N/cm2/ 4 feet

GIRBAU Automatic sheet feeder DRF

This is a new generation feeder for ironing processes with high production that guarantees great quality for items of any size. It has 3 automatic feeding stations with height-adjustable clamps.

The new DRF is a highly versatile feeder that adapts to the production needs of the moment. So, it can work on 1 lane, 2 lanes or on 1 or 2 lanes without distinction at 2, 3 or 4 working stations. The DRF automatically identifies the width of a fed item and centers it on the lanes used.
For feeding small pieces, the feeding stations with clamps are moved, leaving a suction table for manual feeding visible.

Apart from large production, the DRF guarantees high feeding quality. The clamps deposits the item on the ruler and with a rotating movement, lays it down on the suction feeding conveyor.

Another advantage of the DRF is that it doesn’t need the construction of a pit hole. The pieces move towards the upper part of the machine avoiding contact with the ground.
Thus, the DRF can be installed in any kind of installation in a simple and easy way.

GIRBAU Small pieces feeder DRM

Can be installed before any ironer; can either feed small pieces and large pieces.
The articles are fed manually on a feeding conveyor which insures the connection with the ironer feeding board, the spreading is insured by horizontal vacuum suction, one roller bar with two rolls with auto-centring device for each lane.
Speed synchronisation by impulse generator.
Air collector and lint filter.

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