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Máy Sấy Girbau - STI Series

  • Capacity : 13 ÷ 77 kg
  • Basket diameter : 832 ÷ 1308 mm
  • Basket depth : 651 ÷ 1079 mm
  • Basket volume : 354 ÷ 1450 dm3
  • Net weight : 242 ÷ 1025 kg
  • Height H : 1829 ÷ 2540 mm
  • Width L : 878 ÷ 1413 mm
  • Depth P : 937 ÷ 1765 mm
  • Door bottom floor h : 657 ÷ 850 mm

Optimal drying performance with minimun consumption

Efficient, environmentally friendly drying tumblers with a large load capacity and built to last.

Availables with the following capacities: 13,6kg (STI-14), 22,68kg (STI-23), 34,02kg (STI-34), 54,43kg (STI-54) & 77,11kg (STI-77).

Machines built to last

The stainless steel drum, supported by industrial bearings, is capable of handling the most demanding work loads and help to extend the life of the machine.

Safe and easy to use

Models STI-23/34/54/77 come equipped as standard with a rotating reverse system which together with the large doors guarantees the easiest and best possible linen unloading.
The door is closed by magnets.
The large and easy-access lint filters, as well as the information regarding the need to clean them which appears on the display, guarantee a high performance from the machine.
The machine’s automatic crease-guard function is activated at the end of the cycle.

The microprocessor control achieves an optimum drying efficiency and excellent laundry care

All the machines, whatever model, are controlled by a microprocessor.

Standard control(S)
Allows the cycles to be programmed in two different ways:
- temperature / time
- temperature / drying degree (automatic drying)

Indicated in both case is the cooling time, etc.

Coin-op control (AUT-ME)
Allows for a choice of three different types of drying: high / medium / low

Vending control (AUT-VE)
Allows for a choice of three different types of drying: high / medium / low

Heating Alternatives

STI-14  Natural Gas, Propane Gas and Electricity
STI-23  Natural Gas, Propane Gas, Electricity and Steam
STI-34  Natural Gas, Propane Gas, Electricity and Steam
STI-54  Natural Gas, Propane Gas, Electricity, Steam and Hot oil
STI-77  Natural Gas, Propane Gas, Steam and Hot oil

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