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Máy Sấy Powerline - PD Series

  • Model : PD-30; PD-50; PD-75; PD-120; PD-170; PD-190
  • Load Capacity : 13.6 ÷ 86 kg
  • Basket diameter : 762 ÷ 1308 mm
  • Basket depth : 762 ÷ 1276 mm
  • Basket volume : 0.35 ÷ 1.71 m3
  • Height : 1835 ÷ 2450 mm
  • Depth : 1135 ÷ 2100 mm
  • Width : 800 ÷ 1416 mm
  • Net weight : 250 ÷ 1095 kg

Simple design and robust construction form a true combination of efficiency and durability.

All major components are conveniently located for ease of installation and maintenance.  The cabinet is heavy duty steel and is finished with a durable powder coat paint.  Thermally insulated panels are available to increase thermal efficiency.

The line is available from 30 to 190 pounds which offers the laundry owner a full range of choice to meet each specific requirement.

The dual timer control features two timers – 0-60 minutes for drying time 0-15 minutes cool down to minimize wrinkling.  The dryer activates when the push to start button is pressed, and stops when time expires or the door is opened.  Indicator lights keep you informed of the cycle status.

The optional microprocessor controller is simple and efficient.  The operator selects the pre-programmed cycle and presses the start button.  Drying time and cool down time are precisely controlled.  The control can store 10 different programs.

V-belt Drive System

Simple direct V-belt drive eliminates many maintenance problems and is quiet in operation.  Separate blower and drive motors (standard on PD-75 through PD-170) provide constant dependable power.

Large Strong Door

The large loading door makes it easy to load and unload the goods.  The cylinder is made of galvanized steel.  Stainless steel cylinder is optional.  A door safety switch stops the operation if the door is opened during a cycle.


* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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