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Máy Sấy Powerline - PI Series

  • Model : PI-225; PI-325; PI-475
  • Load Capacity : 102 ÷ 215 kg
  • Basket diameter : 1620 ÷ 1800 mm
  • Basket depth : 1240 ÷ 2000 mm
  • Basket volume : 2.55 ÷ 5.1 m3
  • Height : 2902 ÷ 3132 mm
  • Depth : 1550 ÷ 3070 mm
  • Width : 1926 ÷ 3050 mm
  • Net weight : 1664 ÷ 3745 kg

Simplicity and excellence in design are the hallmark of our industrial tumble dryer.  Quality materials and workmanship make our dryers the most reliable dryer on the market today.

Microprocessor Computer Control

All PI series dryers are provided with our flexible and advanced microprocessor.  With the touch of a button you have total control of the dry for optimum drying.  The microprocessor monitors the temperatures, drying action and the performance with unsurpassed accuracy to ensure trouble free operation.  The alphanumeric display is large and easy to read.  A cool down anti wrinkle feature keeps the machine in a cool down mode after the cycle has finished.

Tilting and Door Options

Our industrial tumble dryer is available with tilting capabilities, both one and two way, for ease of loading and unloading. Operation is smooth and sure, thanks to the heavy duty pneumatic cylinder. Machines are offered with single front or front and rear doors ( pass through system). Doors can be ordered as manually or automatic air operated.

11” Diameter Drive Wheel

The stainless steel cylinder is supported by four 11 inch diameter wheels. The wheels are fully adjustable and are the most positive way to keep the cylinder in the proper position and fully aligned. The wheel are easily accessed and adjusted from the side panel. The stainless steel basket of the 325 pound dryer is supported by eight 11 inch diameter wheels.

Stainless Steel Cylinder

A heavy gauge stainless steel cylinder is standard on every model.  Unlike galvanized steel, oxidation and rust will never be a problem, ensuring that the cylinder will last for the life of the equipment.

Powerful Drive and Blower Motors

The totally enclosed cast iron motors are rugged and provide long life.  Lint damaged motors are a thing of the past.


* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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