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Máy Sấy Powerline - DP Series

  • Model : DP-200; DP-250
  • Load Capacity : 90.9 ÷ 113.4 kg
  • Basket diameter : 1499 mm
  • Basket depth : 1190 ÷ 1240 mm
  • Basket volume : 2.1 ÷ 2.19 m3
  • Height : 2372 mm
  • Depth : 2010 ÷ 2114 mm
  • Width : 1650 mm
  • Net weight : 1149 ÷ 1218 kg

Professional High Productivity Dryers for Commercial Industrial and Hospital Service.

The DP series dryer is unlike any other dryer in the industry. This heavy-duty professional dryer is built to the highest standards of quality and designed to last indefinitely. Discover the benefits of the engineering and workmanship that have gone into creating this fine piece of equipment. The robust design and the energy saving features ensure low cost of ownership, fast drying time and an unsurpassed performance.

Microprocessor Computer Control

All DP series dryers are provided with our flexible and advanced microprocessor.  With the touch of a button you have total control of the dry for optimum drying.  The microprocessor monitors the temperatures, drying action and the performance with unsurpassed accuracy to ensure trouble free operation.  The computer helps enhance safety in the laundry by verifying airflow and monitoring the temperature sensor and door.

Built to rugged Construction Insulated for Energy Efficiency

The DP series features a sturdy cylinder design with double sealed bearings and a quiet belt drive. The pulleys are cast iron for durability. A heavy base frame protects the machine during shipping and installation. The hammer tone painted totally enclosed cabinet provides excellent protection against corrosion and utilizes heavy gauge steel and welded design that makes it stronger than any other dryer on the market. The hammer tone – coated paint – adds an enduring lasting look to your dryer. The cabinet is fully enclosed design with insulation that improves efficiency by capturing radiant heat and retaining it inside the dryer. This also lowers the noise level and improves the working conditions inside your laundry. The drying cylinder is all stainless steel 304 (18/8)

Lint Filter and Lint Compartment

Large self-cleaning lint screens make maintenance easy. The screens are accessible from the front and located close to the exhaust fan, preventing fan clog up and eliminating fan vibrations. The lint filter is efficient and provides a good airflow that reduces the energy consumption. The microprocessor monitors the lint filter and stops the machine, should the lint screen become blocked.


* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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